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Configuration: Customize

Configuration sections: Main Options | Attributes | Crawler Rules | Customize

► Note: this feature is only available for upgraded PRO Sitemaps accounts

"Customize" section includes additional settings for advanced configuration.

Images external domain:
In case if images on your website are located on an external domain (different from your website domain), you can specify it here to allow including them in the sitemap.

Image sitemap inclusion mask:
Define "Image sitemap inclusion mask" to allow only specific images to be indexed in image sitemap (separated with spaces).
images/large/ images/medium/
RSS feed "age of page" limit:
Limit your RSS feed with including only the latest pages that were added on your site recently, no older than specified number of days ("0" means including all pages)
RSS Inclusion mask:
Define "RSS Inclusion mask" to allow only specific pages to be indexed in rss feed (separated with spaces). Example:
news/pages/ content/latest/
News Sitemap Title:
You can specify custom Title to be used in your News sitemap.
News Sitemap Inclusion mask:
Define "News Sitemap Inclusion mask" to allow only specific pages to be indexed in news sitemap (separated with spaces).
news/ latest/
Mobile pages inclusion mask:
Define this to allow only specific pages to be indexed in mobile sitemap (separated with spaces).
Include multi-language URLs for pages in sitemap
Enable this option to automatically detect hreflang tags if you have them included on your website.
Alternatively, you can manually specify alternative language versions for your pages: enter your page URL followed by a list of language identifier with alternative URLs.

open_in_newMore details here
Custom Web sitemap filename:
This option might be useful if you want to differentiate multiple sitemaps submitted in the same webmaster account.
Enter only base file name, without ".xml" extension (default is "sitemap").
Will result in sitemaps: my_sitemap.xml, my_sitemap_images.xml, my_sitemap_video.xml etc.
Website includes UTF8 non-english characters in URLs:
Please make sure that this option is enabled if your website uses UTF-8 charset in links (not in page content).
Ping search engines when new sitemap is created:
Send a notification to major search engines (like Google and Bing) when sitemap is updated
Ping additional sitemaps:
Use this option ONLY if you use "Host sitemap on your website's domain" option described on "Submit sitemap" page
Use separate subdomain to host sitemaps for this site:
Change the way sitemap is linked on domain.
Default is:
With this setting enabled it changes to:
Remove "Created by.." links from sitemap:
Do not include a line in sitemap showing that it was created with PRO Sitemaps service