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Configuration: Main Options

Configuration sections: Main Options | Attributes | Crawler Rules | Customize
Configuration Page

Since there are many configuration options the Settings page is separated into sections using the tabs (although most of the settings can be left in default state).

"Main Options" section allows you to change the following:

Your Website URL
Use the full URL of your website for the "Starting URL" option.
The crawler will explore only the URLs within the starting directory, i.e. when starting URL is "", the "" will be indexed, but "" will NOT be indexed.
You can disable this setting if you don't want to receive email notifications when sitemaps are updated.
Enter your email address (or multiple addresses separated with commas) here to receive a notification report when sitemaps are created.
Sitemap Types (PRO Accounts only)
You can enable or disable each of the available sitemap types depending on your needs. Sitemap Types