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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password

You can reset your password on this page: Reset your password.
You will receive an email with the link to the page where you can define new password for your account.

Can I add another website to my account?

Sure, you can add all your websites and manage them in your account: Add new website
Each website is chargeable separately.

How can I submit sitemaps to search engines?

You can find details on "Submit sitemap" page in your website account.
There is an "Auto submit" feature that will help you to submit all sitemaps in Google Search Console. There are also instructions on how to submit sitemaps manually to Google and Bing.

Sitemap files are located on our servers and that's totally fine to submit them directly, it's only necessary to have both sitemaphosting domain and your own website domain added and verified in Search Console. You can find more details on cross-site sitemap submission here.

Can I host sitemaps on my domain instead of sitemaphosting domain?

Yes! You would need to download a small PHP file and put it on your website (your website must have PHP support enabled). That file will serve the latest version of sitemap hosted on your domain.
Please find details on "Submit sitemap" page in your website account.

I want to upgrade to the next plan while my subscription is still active

No worries, we will refund the remaining part of your current subscription plan when your account is upgraded.

Can I get an invoice for my order?

Absolutely, you can download invoices for all your orders on Account page.

Can I change credit card details for my active subscription?

Yes, credit card details can be modified on Account page. If you are paying via PayPal you will need to do this through PayPal.

I get "There was a problem accessing your website" error message

If sitemap has not been created or updated for some time and you get a "problem accessing your website" or "connection issue" error message on your Sitemap Summary page, possibly your server is blocking requests from our crawler bot.
  1. Please contact your hosting support to find out if our servers IP range is blocked: - -
  2. Our crawler bot User-Agent HTTP header is (sometimes it can be whitelisted on your side):
    Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Pro Sitemaps Generator; Gecko Pro-Sitemaps/1.0
  3. Our servers are located in the United Kingdom, so might check if country-focused geo-blocking affects requests from the UK.

If you the issue persists, please do not hesitate to raise a Support Ticket to resolve it.