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Your First Sitemap

Where do I start?

Creating your first sitemap is very easy - open homepage and enter your email address (that is going to be your account login) and your website URL. Then read and accept terms of service and click "Create Account" button (later on you would switch to "Login" tab on that page to access your account).


PRO Sitemaps will immediately start "crawling" your website, finding all the pages by following the links found on it.

In the meantime, please check your email box for the activation email from us and click the link included in it to confirm your account. You will also choose the password for your account at this step.

While the sitemap is being created you can track the progress in your account (picture below), or simply leave it and check back after receiving an email notification when your sitemap is ready.

Create Account

Then you can visit your Account Dashboard to see the details of your sitemap and perhaps add another website to your account and create a sitemap for it!