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What's New

New Dashboard


We have updated the Dashboard (Control Panel) to ease handling of multiple website entries in your account.

You can filter the sites list by their status: Free Sites / Upgraded PRO / Sites with outdated sitemaps etc + quick search the list by a part of the domain name or site title.

Crawling progress is embedded and you can Stop/Resume crawling directly from the dashboard.

New and Improved Reports

Sitemap History

All reports have been optimized to allow quick and efficient analysis of your website, providing even more detailed information in an easy to use format.

Sitemap History report includes graphical chart helping to find points in time when changes on the website were detected. Each History Log entry show the list of Pages/Images/Videos that were added, removed or skipped (crawled but not indexed) on that particular day, including the reason of removal.

Internal Links Tree

New reports have been also introduced, such as the Internal Links tree structure report.

It shows the list of website pages groupped in the way they are found by the crawler, starting from your homepage.

You can find more details about updated reports here:
Broken Links
Internal Links
External Links
Site URLs Structure
History of Sitemaps
Log of Sitemap Downloads

Notification Dots

Notification Dots

It will be easier now to immediately find out what's been updated or needs your attention in your PRO Sitemaps account.

We will show you a red notification dot in the navigation menu for the reports that were recently updated, and remind you to update your sitemap if it gets outdated (remember though that this one won't be needed with upgraded PRO accounts, since sitemap will be updated automatically!).