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I am a blogger and run a few blogs. I can say with confidence that this tool has saved me lots of time. It just makes it a breeze to create detailed sitemaps on a regular basis.

If you are a blogger, web developer, and/or have anything to do with websites, you'd be crazy not to use either Online Sitemap Generator or the Standalone Generator Script.


I have been searching the web for a easy-to-use sitemap generator. I have tried several sitemap generators but the best I found is the Online Sitemap Generator Service provided by

Easy to follow instructions for a newbie website owner like me. In just a few simple steps I was able to create sitemaps - to submit to Google, to Yahoo and a sitemap to place in my website for my visitors' convenience. This has considerably lessen my work in continually updating my website sitemap manually.

I have bookmarked the website of You should to.

Borja Prieto Bustamante

Before the Standalone XML Sitemap Generator our company used many other free and paid sitemap generators. Some would take ages to create a sitemap, others will generate bogus sitemaps and so on.

After 2 years of constant usage of Standalone XML Sitemap Generator, we believe we could form a solid point of view. It's just awesome. We installed it in minutes, set it up and it runs automatically (with cronjob). We don't have to submit out sitemap every other day to Google Webmaster Tools which is also sweat.

Once you get Standalone XML Sitemap Generator, you won't need any other sitemap generator.


Kirk Simon

I generated sitemap and found it 100% correct and really useful.

Single place to generate sitemap by just providing the web site URL and immediately upload for all the popular search engines, really amazing. I don’t have word to say big thanks for providing this great service free of cost.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

By using, in literally 120 seconds, I was able to generate a site-map for both my blog and for my business website with no fuss and no fee.

This is a fantastic tool, the best available. Today was my lucky day because I found this site in my web search immediately; yesterday I found only downloadable "free trial" software - requiring credit card information and cancellations, not to mention, loading more software on my hard-drive - a level of detail and bother that I wished to avoid.

We all realize that "searchability" is vital to the success of our websites and that "site-maps" are key to this.

Thanks so much for helping me make my websites more searchable!! For free!!

Carolyn Egan

I've been working on dotting the i's and crossing the t's of my websites (I'm a journalist who loves to learn other skills), and I knew sitemaps were important for for SEO - and what a great site is... makes it so simple it ought to charge for it!

Thank you thank you thank you guys

Claudio Paroli

Your online site map generator is by far the best one out there! Couldn't be easier to use, always gets it right. Makes it a snap to generate site maps for my small business clients.

Thanks so much for making this great tool available.

Mary Anne Gross

I was disappointed last night when trying to use another site map generator.

Tonight, however, I was overjoyed with the sophistication and ease of use of your generator.

I tried the FREE stuff and liked what I sought so I purchased the standalone package.

Great stuff. Thanks for software that works as advertised.

Edward G. Palmer
SolarAttic, Inc.

Thanks for creating a very affordable auto sitemap generator for a low monthly fee – makes my life a little bit simpler!

Eugene Soh
CENTORRINO Technologies

Love this site! I would recommend this 1000%.

It is a blessing to someone like myself who is a computer website novice. It is super user friendly and easy to get started.

Thanks and GOD bless!

Root N Wings

We had XML Sitemap for many years and it works perfectly, easy to install easy to use.

Your support it’s just outstanding, thanks!

Keep up the good work


We have been using the online-version of XML Sitemap generator for two years now.

For us as a small business it is a great tool to get our website ranked in google search in a good position.

We will return frequently and will use it for our other domains as well. Thank you, guys.

Wolfgang Bühn

We had XML Sitemap for many years and it works perfectly, esay to install easy to use.

Your support it’s just outstanding, thanks!

Keep up the good work

Team | Indian Wedding Studio

Just thought I would let you know that your xml -sitemaps is turning out to be one of the best investments I've ever made in software.

Not only was it easy to install, but it has opened my eyes as to how the search engines (and the public) would see my data.

I'm still working on data clean up -- broken links, refining the titles of the pages, making navigation easier, eliminating unnecessary links, etc.

I have 9800 good entries in the xml and 6600 in the art images. I should be live in a day or two.

Thanks again.

Ilene L. Skeen
CEO, ILS Designs, LLC

Awesome tool! Does exactly what it's supposed to do and works with ease.


James Eisele Photography

I love this sitemap generator. it was very easy and fast to install. this is superb tools that every company should take benefit.

I give five stars rating to this tools and I will recommend to my friends about this. Thanks for providing this amazing tools.

Werry Adnan
Tiens Indonesia

I build wordpress sites and therefore use a Google Plugin to create a sitemap. However, I am often asked to upgrade older websites and your service is the fastest and the best site map generator.

It gives me the information I need to be able to know how many pages there are and how many broken links I will need to repair! This makes proposal writing about a thousand times faster than if I had to do it manually.

Thank you so much.

Sharon Jackson

We are very pleased with this wonderful online sitemap generator, incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

We are a online packaging solution provider and need update our site every day. Before we find this great tool, our editors spent a couple of hours to create the sitemap manually each week, quite frustrated.

Now, they can create the sitemap within a couple of minutes and spend more time to create the useful content for our customers.

We will definitely recommend this useful tool to our peers in the China Packaging industry.

Jane Wu
Shanghai DE Printed Box

What a great tool! Once I week I come in to work and all the search engines are automatically updated with new products we added to our website during the past week.

The history gives me a quick and easy way to check up on my team’s work.

Also the ability to download the URL List and page titles provide a great way to check for SEO problems like duplicate content.

Jason Jaslow
Perfectly Invited

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