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One of the challenges in this industry is finding a company that writes quality software backed by the ever elusive quality support.
I consider to be a Great Find. The excellent software is actually backed up by FANTASTIC support.

Brian W. Packham,

Hey, great product! When I first saw the sitemaps on Google Webmaster Tools I scratched my head and thought "this is important, but there are so many better things to do than try to figure out how to create the perfectly formatted sitemap google wants!" I almost didn't believe it when your site came up in a search. I was even more amazed when you quickly created a sitemap for my entire site!

Thanks for a truly useful service.

Nick Harris,

XML Sitemaps is a diamond in the rough.

It is by far the best Google Sitemap generator around. The alternatives have proved buggy or simply do not work at all. I visit the site at least once a month to take care of all my small sitemaps creation.

David Arakelian,

I really want to congratulate the makers of this handy tool and appreciate their efforts. I am a big fan of your Online XML Sitemaps Generator and have recommended this handy tool to many of my friends. This is also the most sought after service of this kind as per the people who use it.

Thank you team, my Google listings have increased and I have constant activity happening in my site now. Your tool scores a perfect 10 in terms of functionality and usability.


Wow! This may be the quickest and easiest online software that I've ever used! And to think I almost paid someone $25 to do it for me when it only took me under 5 minutes to do it myself.

I'll be telling everyone I know about this site.

Wes Grasty,

Hi guys and thanks for great service!

I have spent a couple of days ploughing through Googles tech stuff re making sitemaps, trying to find out if my server supports the right version of Python, and getting bogged down in the technicalities of loading scripts onto the server, and then making them work - nightmare!

Thanks to you, 30 seconds and it's done. I now have a sitemap. Fantastic!!!


Absolutely the best online sitemap generator I have ever used. Loved the way it read my robots.txt file and excluded those directories automatically. Plus a google sitemap, html sitemap, and plain text sitemap for yahoo, all in one request is incredible.

Thanks for this great online service!


I used your free XML-Sitemap online generator and was very very impressed at not only the speed at which it collated all the info from my site but the accuracy in doing so too.

I have tried several other free and paid solutions online before and never have I achieved such a good sitemap at such a small time, one even crashed my host's SQL server! Anyway, I am going to look at how Yahoo interpret the information and if as I expect the results will be good, then you've got yourself another customer.

Dave Small,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I just found your site and used your online sitemap tool. Within a few minutes my sitemap was submitted to Google. Now we just need to sit back and let "The Big G" do it's magic.

I know sitemaps are important, but I never knew how to create one. Now I don't have to.


Wow. The service offered by is absolutely awesome. The online Google sitemap generator mapped our site perfectly. Although I did have to modify the file to specify the priorities and update frequencies of individual pages, doing that was a snap. I submitted the sitemap to Google, waited 13 minutes and, presto, Google reported the sitemap to be valid.

In addition to the Google sitemap, also created urllist.txt and ror.xml files. Urllist.txt is the sitemap-equivalent used by Yahoo! and ror.xml has a variety of uses beyond the scope of this testimonial.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! The online generator also told me of four broken links on our site. For just $5.00 US, provided the names of the files containing the broken links, as well as the names of the non-existent pages the links were pointing to. So, for $5.00, I was able to fix what might have cost me $100 or more to have an employee do by hand. And since you can't charge clients for time spent fixing your own mistakes, at least not when you're an honest guy like me, that would have been money out of pocket.

Thanks, friends, for making my week!

David Luff,
Prestige Web Solutions

I teach professional level SEO to practitioners and I also consult to service bureau owners. I recommend the Standalone Sitemap Generator to them and mention it in my course notes. Of course it is valuable to anyone in charge of a large site, especially as you can automate it.

Well done!

Ash Nallawalla,
CEO, trainSEM

I have made regular use of services for several websites, which I administer. The ease of use is why I keep coming back! Once the sitemap is created, it is very easy to edit and maintain using my own software.

Several months back I paid the very nominal amount of $5 in order to receive a broken links report. This was a "god-send"! It made the process of tidying up very quick and easy.

Today I have done the same for another of my websites ( and identified 11 broken links in the structure. Although I have access to Webmaster Tools via my Google account, the approach is a much simpler management tool.

Thanks for such a great service at an unbelievably tiny price!

Lewis Stratton,

I have been using a ror sitemap that seemed to work well until recently, then Google reported errors on it that I didn't really understand. I found your online xml sitemap generator, created and submitted the sitemap to Google and within minutes they reported it as ok. I am so pleased, I am going to recommend your website to friends and also in forums.

Thank you.

Your Online Sitemap Generator is fantastic. It is easy-to-use and saves a lot of time. It is the first XML generator I was recommended and I didn't bother looking at any alternatives after I'd tried it.

Many thanks.

Derek Pollard,

Great website... best sitemap generator on the web. Your online generator is fabulous, really easy to use.

Thank you very much.

Clara Weisz,

I am extremely happy with your new "stand alone" Sitemap Script! The software is very easy to setup and use, even for a novice! I immediately found out that many of our sites had not been properly indexed since mid 2006!!! YIKES!

For the money, you can't beat this script!

Jerry Brooks,

Even though we only have a small web site with a few incoming links Google would only index our home page. After finding and using XML Sitemaps our site is now fully index.

It is easy to use even if you don't know anyting about programming or XML.

Matt Campbell,

I gotta tell you...after wrestling with other sitemap programs(and not CHEAP ones, either!) and continually running into errors and "excuses" about why they couldn't deliver a nice, clean sitemap for the sites in my network, it was such a breath of fresh air to find a program that actually worked... quickly, cleanly, error-free.

It's a JOY to use!

Chuck Brown,
Almost Like Magic

A great tool, perfect for adding a sitemap to Google's Webmaster Tools. It was simple to use and very quick, I will continue to use your great service. I have tried many others but I personally feel this is the best, no only because of a well designed script but the site also looks nice.

Sam Parkinson,
Free Hosting

The greatest sitemap generator on the whole net, thank you for your great script, we can now index our site with ease and get our new projects listed in no time atall.

Once again a great product.

Musa Aykac,

I love this XML Sitemap generator! It is by far the easiest to use of all the ones I've tried. I also come back frequently to use it to see where I have broken links so I can get them cleaned out and get my whole site crawled.

Thank you so much for a great product.

Daniel Stephens,
Parleys Diesel Performance Inc.

Thanks for making my life a little easier.

Pleasing the search engines is a daunting task to say the least but with XML-Sitemaps I can check another thing off my todo list.

Installation was easy and setup was a breeze. The instructions made it simple.

Ron Berry

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