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I have just run the script for the first time and couldn't believe the ease of setting it up and getting it working. I was so impressed I thought I would write a testimonial.

I can't recommend this script highly enough; This script saved me hours of work by crawling, indexing and building a html and xml sitemap for me in minutes. Thanks guys.

Paul Gray,

This site really delivers what it promises!

For 2 days I have been trying to figure out how to create a sitemap for google. I have no training in creating or using XML files and I struggled trying to find some help. Other sites claimed they could help me create a sitemap for free but none of them did.

Then today I came across your fantastic website! I entered my URL, added the sitemap to my site, then added it to Google. This entire process took me less than five minutes. In less than an hour it was up and running smoothly on Google!

Your free automated sitemap creation service is unbelievable! Thanks for providing it for us!

CB Webmaster

These guys are hot!

I purchased the Standalone version for $19.99 USD (because I have a large website) and went for the installation for another $10 USD. Within 8 hours of my order (on a Sunday by the way), the sitemaps were done and installed!

They even were so kind as to submit the sitemap afterwards to my Google Webmaster account and set up automatic daily sitemap generation on my Godaddy CP (my host). I received very complete and informative follow-up emails from them. I am strictly WYSIWYG (using VM SiteSpinner) so all this installation stuff was beyond my ability.... but XML-Sitemaps came through big time for me.

I am sure this sitemap is really going to help my Google search traffic and that means more customers and more revenue for my company. I suspect the sitemaps are going to help as well with Yahoo and the others. As soon as I have some new stats, I will post the results here. I use Statcounter so I know what my traffic is and where it comes from.

You cannot go wrong with this company and it's excellent product and customer service.

Steve Murphy,
Restored and Restorable Classic and Vintage Cars, Trucks and Farm Tractors

I just wanted to mention that the Online XML Sitemaps Generator has been a blessing to me and the Webmaster associates I have shared it with.

Like many here I have surfed through an ocean of Sitemap creation sites before I found this one.

The XML Sitemaps Generator is by far the easiest, most accurate, sophisticated, and detailed sitemap generation program available on the web. I appreciate the broken links stat reports as well.

Thank you for you're most excellent service...

Michael AngelOh,
Hawaiian Music Online Network

After spending a considerable amount of time researching of ways to make web site maintenance easier and less time consuming I decided to try the 'Standalone PHP Sitemap Generator Script' after reading through the comments from the testimonials on your website.

I am very happy with my decision and have finally found a tool that takes the pain out of maintaining and optimizing sitemaps. I found the software very intuitive and believe it would suit the beginner as well as advanced user.

The support team are very helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend the Standalone PHP Sitemap Generator script software to my colleagues and friends.

Keep up the good work!

Steven Rowlstone,

All I have to say sitemap WOW.

I was using the Online Sitemap Generator Service until our site grew to 865 pages. Then a starting looking all over the to find a free script, I found plenty. But they all left me picking and weeding.

After a frustrating day of weeding I decided to purchase the Standalone PHP Sitemap Generator Script. What took me so long? It certainty wasn't the price. From hitting the buy it now buttons too generating my sitemaps was 4 minutes. WOW.

Sincerely Gary Mincy TheGoFor,
An Article Submission Directory

Is that it! I've spent hours in the past on these pesky sitemaps.

I've just visited your site typed in my site address, things clicked a button and uploaded something you kindly produced to my web site.

Sorted. In 10 minutes.


Mark Gee,

I am using your Sitemap Generator almost every day. It's so easy and it has never let me down.

If you're not using the excellent tools found here I have one question for you. Why Not??

If you're serious about site performance you don't need to go anywhere else. The sitemap generator never misses any pages like other subpar generators have.

Kevin P. Mahoney

This easy to use script is a HUGE time saver. I am amazed by how fast and accurate it can automatically index my entire site. This saves me a tremendous amount of time from having to manually create my own sitemap in which I am likely to miss pages and make errors.

Every website owner should have a sitemap on their website and they all should be using this amazing service.


I needed to generate a sitemap for Google and your site was the first one in Google listing, so I decided to give it a try.

Already after 1 minute my sitemap was uploaded and submitted to Google. Works like a charm - I'm sure it's the fastest and easiest sitemap generator around.

Thanks a million for this nice FREE tool!


What a fabulous resource you have given us. Besides the sitemaps generated, your link checked for broken links has saved me many hours.

Thanks you

John W. Chapman,

What a fantastic product! I have been using your online sitemap generator for a couple of months as my website,, was in its infancy.

However, I quickly reached the 500 page limit for the online version. I purchased the Standalone version today and had it installed, sitemap created, and cron job scheduled in, like you said, 5 minutes.

Again, fantastic product! No wonder you come up #1 in Google.

Tim Carey
Kitty Cattery

I know existing customers get it free, but I feel you should be charging for all major Version updates, so I paid anyhow.

I like to paying for software/scripts are excellent. Its such a pleasure using stuff that JUST WORKS. And your continued great support in your Forums is unsurpassed.

$19 is WAY TO CHEAP for this great script.... I'd pay a lot more if you charged it!

Al Guevara
Tucson, AZ

Very impressed by your service. My initial questions were answered in minutes, the installation was speedy and the follow up support is excellent.


James Dunworth

My mind would swim when I visited other sitemap tutorials or generators until I found Online Sitemap Generator Service.

Our website ranking improved shortly after submitting the new sitemap to Google and I have no doubt that finding this website was the main reason why. Thank you!

Sarah Allen
Bubbles Bodywear

I've compared's sitemap generator services with at least a dozen other suppliers; it was, by far, the most practical, convenient and reliable sitemap generator I've found.

The interface's ease-of-use enables quick real time changes that meets our fast paced environment while respecting main's search engine providers standards e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo.

It has saved us a lot of time integrating data so we could keep focus on our business core, while benefiting from a world-class application. Thanks.

Jean-Francois Landre
Helion Consulting Group

Thank you for helping me set up my XML Sitemap.

You made it fast and easy. I have tried other sitemap generators, and none compare to yours.

It helped my executive recruiting website get on the web fast.

Mike Vanneman, Owner
TVG Executive Search

XML-Sitemaps is a superb resource for any size company.

Their products are highly effective and really easy-to-use. I will continue to use xml-sitemaps and definitely recommend it to others. What a great find.

Thank you for providing such great products!

Mary Jesse, P.E.

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service you provide.

The xml sitemap generator is the best webmaster tool on the web! I had struggled for hours trying to create a sitemap which would be acceptable to Google, and was both amazed and delighted at the simplicity and speed of the sitemap generator.

Thanks a million!

Lin Parker
Face Lift Advice

I have been using the free online sitemap generator service from for about a month.

I just realized how cheap the standalone script was. I decided to try it. It was simple to install, works great, and it now only takes seconds to update my sitemaps.

Get the script. You'll be glad.

Dr. Michael Haley

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