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I used your online sitemap generator to create and submit sitemaps to Google and Yahoo this morning. The whole process was so efficient and simple that I am passing your URL to all of my friends with websites.

Thank you very much for a great product with instructions even I could understand!

Derek W. Hornby

As a fumblebummer when it comes to making scripts work I am terrified of buying the wrong script and going through the hassle of putting it up, making it work, and then IF I get it to work, discover it won't fulfill the promises made.

After downloading XML-Sitemap I took out the directions and loaded the product to my server. There was not one hitch. That was an accomplishment I've never experienced before.

The biggest thrill of all came when I punched the crawling button. There are only 3,000 pages on my site. In just a few seconds they had been crawled and indexed. My XML maps (not just one) had been made and Google had been pinged.

I was astonished. Well, actually I was more than that.. I was astonished AND dubious. Surely, it could not be that easy. But it was.

Just one day later it was obvious that my web site had taken a sharp boost in traffic. New pages were turning up in Google. Even better, many of my talewins pages that had still been listed on Google went from seventh place to like third place.

That was wonderful enough. There was more. With 3,000 pages on my web site it is a constant struggle to keep all the links functioning. XML-Sitemap produces a list of broken links it has found on my site. All I have to do now is go through the list fixing the ones that are broken.

For me and my sites, XML-Sitemap is worth five times the price I paid. I would not turn loose of it for love or money.

Sincerely yours
Earl H. Roberts,

I had been looking for sitemap software that I could use myself on my own websites for quite a few months and had evaluated quite a few without finding one that was both easy to use and did the job fully without missing out pages.

My search has now stopped and not only do I use it on both my web hosting businesses and a number of other websites that I own, I am also now recommending it to all the customers of my web hosting businesses who all love the product.

Simple, easy to install and use and does what it says on the tin - what more can you ask!


I purchased, downloaded, installed and created the first sitemaps with the Sitemap Generator "in a flash!!"

If I can do it, ANYONE can! Thanks for a great, economical sitemap generation system.

Jim in Ontario, Canada,

The broken links report is a excellent tool - a must have for every web developer. After going live with new content on my site the generator alerted me so many broken links which I would never have know. Webmaster ,

I encourage anyone who hasn't done already to use this script. It is amazing how much time it saves you. It really is quite a find!

Phil Shacklady,

Having used a few sitemap generator tools, I have found the tool at the easiest to use! The benefits associated with the Google Webmaster toolset is amazing, and this sitemap generator makes it so much more accessible. It frees my time up to enable me to focus on the design and development of our clients websites.

Other generators I have used have missed out a lot of important content, whilst indexing images and css files which add nothing to the end users experience, thanks again Guys!

Karl Moyse,
Online & Business Development

I would just like to express a testimonial for the free sitemap generator

Fantastic! There are very few opportunities to use a free piece of instant magic like the free sitemap generator. It is virtually instant and Google webmaster tools picks it up perfectly every time. Great work sitemap team you have made all of our lives a bit easier, well done !

Vernon Ballantine,

This is the best sitemaps generator I ever used. I have tried many programs, but none of them can generate a complete sitemap for me. This tool is fantastic, easy to use. It saves me a lot of time.

Many thanks!!

Natural Green Aromatics

I was up to my ears in code I knew nothing about. then I found your site and your quick program was a life saver, now Google actually sees my site and I can start my business!

Anthony Cutaia

I was having so much difficulty in generating a sitemap for my new bbpress forum. Then I found your site, which generated a whole range of sitemaps for me in minutes just by entering the site url, and all that for free.

I recommend your wonderful service to anyone who needs a sitemap.

Quick Online Tips

A brilliant sitemap solution for professionals and novices alike. With a fast growing number of pages on a site I can now create a sitemap in a moment and submit it as often as appropriate.

I'll be using it on more sites I manage soon. Best of all I don't even have to install it myself.

Ian Dewar,
The Ian Dewar Partnership

I've tried sitemap generators in the past, but none has been so fast, accurate and completely easy to use. My hat is off to you and your service - well done!

MK (Casey) van Bronkhorst,
Owner - Perfectly Shaped World

We've tried several different sitemap generators and have found yours to be the easiest and most comprehensive one available.

It has the highest payback on investment and believe us we've researched all of your competitors - none of them provide the quality service you do. We're very proud to be your customer!

A Walsh Imaging, Inc.,

Time and Time again I keep coming back to use your excellent service which is by far, the easiest sitemap generator available online.

Mark Rushworth,
Creative Director
Xrio Limited

I have search around the globe, and i found that this is the best sitemap generator in the planet, FAST and Reliable, no one can doubt about it. And i only had use the free generator. I wonder if i purchase the script, i cannot imagine what happen later, wow.


Your website is really good and the online sitemap tool is very convenient to use. Before, i have tried other online sitemap generators, but i believe that your online tool is the best.

I really appreciate it.


This sitemap generator created my sitemap in an amazingly short time, comprehensive and simple.

I would reccomend this as THE sitemap generator to use, I've tried a few free sites and none come close to the quality of this.

Richard Akers,
Fusion Hosts web Hosting

After trying to create a sitemap for a long time, I used the Online Sitemap Generator Tool. I can say it's the easiest and the best sitemap generator I found. The search engines are indexing our page a lot better after adding the sitemap file.

Claudiu Cionca,

Being a popular site for Indian baby names and parenting information, we have lot of work with the pages and content for our site. The whole process of creating an xml sitemap has been a breeze after we found you and has been a real time saver. Now, we don't have to spend hours on this task.

The creation of the sitemap for 200+pages of content was done in less than a minute. It was able to find errors and the output was easy to read and interpret.

All I can say is, you have a killer product and will recommend this site to others who need to create a sitemap.


Delighted with your site map product. I am not a professional webmaster. I do like to learn about the technical processes involved in the whole SEO field and it was clear that I needed a decent site map.

Having checked out the Google Web Analyser it looked as if the job was beyond me. I found you with a google search and I am delighted to say I had a live site map operating in under tens minutes.

I have not doubt you have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Graham Walker

Thank you for the time and trouble you have saved me with your software.

I have been searching for months for such ease-of-use software for my website.

Last week I noticed ranking my site higher, I attribute it to your sitemap.

Rhys Comley,
CEO African Cures USA

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