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This is undoubtedly the greatest script to generate sitemaps. Thank you for great service and a great tool that we use for over thirteen million pages.

Todd Dunning

I found this tool really easy to use - between the forums and their installation tips it only took me 5 minutes to install (which is impressive because I'm new to this stuff).

I've tried several different sitemap generators and I've found this one to be the easiest to use and it does the best job (Some of the ones I've tried miss a large proportion of the pages on my site, this one found all of them). If you visit the forums you'll notice the tech support is first rate too.

Liam Kaufman

Your script is a great time saver and worth several times what you are charging for it!

I am going to set it to run automatically (in a cron job) on each of my sites, so that I never have to update my sitemaps manually again. With several sites this will save me quite a few hours each week.

I was using a Windows program that would automatically generate and FTP the sitemap, but I still had to be there to run the program. With your script, I no longer need to waste my time doing that. Thank you.

Jeff Dawson
JD Web Publishing

The broken links report are a God send.

After adding new content to my site the generator alerted me to 256 broken links which I would never have know about and helped me fix the problem quickly. Webmaster

What a wonderful tool! The Standalone Sitemap Generator is a must-have for any serious web professional. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this product will save me several days work in the course of an average month.

The online tool is also a gem.

Thanks so much,
Bette Brennan

Your XML generator is a breath of fresh air. It is fast, easy to use and powerful.

For a small business owner, maintaining a web site is a necessity, but should not take up too much time. This tool makes it easy to stay current, with quick and easy instructions.

My web activity has increased as a result. I have added your tool to my Favorite Places, as is now part of my weekly scheduled maintenance. Thank you!

John Mehrmann

I just wanted to mention that I'm a big fan of your Online XML Sitemaps Generator. I optimize web sites for multiple clients and so I need to create detailed sitemaps on a regular basis.

Your XML generator is much easier to use than others and always grabs each and every page in each and every sub-directory, unlike other similar products.

Kind Regards,

I have wasted much time fooling around with xml sitemap generators, either they produce errors or they just did not work. Yours is simple to set-up and use, and makes it easy to find dead links in large sites.

The best $14.99 I have spent on the internet in a long time.

Thank you,
Chris Stewart

For a long time, I have been trying to understand how to write a sitemap. Thank you very much for this automatic and easy process of creating a sitemap.

Evren Canturk

Finding has been a treasury to our new business and customers! Fulfillment was easy to achieve using this tool because it was simple and effective to use. Shortly after submitting our sitemap to Google and urllist to Yahoo - our site was somehow magically listed. Not just our main page but every page on our site! We are now listed in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I plan to continue using this utility to promote our site within the search engines.

Kudos, smart thinking.

Brian Lee

You guys are fantastic! With all the rip-off merchants around, it is a delight to find such decent and helpful people.


Great website... best sitemap generator on the web.

Many thanks,
Clint Osborne
Project Studio Solutions

Do yourself a favor and pick up this handy little script if you're looking for an effective and EASY TO USE Google site map generator.

It's probably one of the best search engine optimization tools I've ever purchased.

Stephen Ralph

I am incredibly grateful that you have put together such a fantastic product.

Very useful and easy to use, keep up the Excellent work! ;)

Graphics Development Administrator

A shining example of what all interactive websites should be like. Quite simply best sitemap making service available!

Thank you for making my work a whole lot less stressful.

Michael Stewart
Image and Music

Your online generator is fabulous. It's so intuitive and easy to use.

If there is an award for Most Useful Tool Online, this surely gets my vote.

Edwin John

The easiest tool to create sitemap on the whole internet. Nothing such simple can be found anywhere.

Keep the great work going.

Thanks a million
Madhukar Dubey

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